10+ Pictures That Will Say “WHY DO THAT???”

1. Why would you do this to a poor, defenseless book?

2. The book never asked for this:

3. The book never wanted to be turned into some shoddy looking feet:

4. Did you really need a place to store six rings?

5. Did you really need to stab your knives into a dirty ol’ book?

6. Did this book really need to relive its childhood???

7. Oh, a perfectly good reason to destroy a book here — make a giant paper ‘K’:

8. Why do this to the books? Think of all the spaces for spiders to dwell? THINK OF THE DWELLING SPACE!

9. READ??? That’s the exact opposite of what you’re doing, my man!!!

10. This is the ONLY thing you had to draw on?

11. A plant inside a book? This is like, book cannibalism:

12. Have we talked about the knives? WHY THE KNIVES???

13. Did you really need to destroy a book for this?

14. Think of how uneven this chair is. THINK OF IT.


16. This is all Gwen’s fault.

Good going, Gwen.

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  1. I’m tired of people acting like books are inherently sacred objects. 99% of modern books are mass-produced, pure entertainment. Some stories are so bad they’re an insult to the paper that they’re written on. Books regularly get destroyed en masse, even by libraries, because like every other object you can’t store every single copy that is ever made forever. And most of my friends who never stop talking about books read around three per year, and they’re certainly not reading the potentially-endangered “classics”. Let’s calm down.

  2. I dont understand the unbreakable vow proposal. I get the concept, but, that whole plot line in the book was actually really sad, and not at all romantic. Yes, let’s propose with the plot device that led to someone’s rather traumatic death. Noooo

  3. Ok I don’t get the knife thing, but some of these are actually pretty cool. If you really love books then you should appreciate that art can come out of them too.

  4. I’m sorry but people have thumbed through those books in the store after having used the bathroom and not washing their hands, and then you’re smearing your knives with the pages? That is straight up sidgusting.

  5. One day, I’m going to take 48 different pictures of the same fan, and I’m going to submit it to BuzzFeed with the title “This Is What a Real Fan Looks Like.” My fee is $30 per picture. I will accept either check or direct deposit.

  6. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE books but I also LOVE art made from books! I think if every copy of every book was kept forever then there would be no space for anything else!

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