14+ funny and bizarre things people have done while drunk

1. They told no lies:

2. They were generous:

3. They appreciated the finer things in life:

4. They were very observant:

5. Their levels of artistry knew no bounds:

6. They were always down to party:

7. They could not have been more polite:

8. They solved some huge problems:

9. They were insanely considerate:

10. They made fantastic purchases:

11. They loved their family the way they needed to be loved:

12. They were totally loyal:

13. They always found a way home:

14. They never let a Monday ruin their Monday:

15. They cared too much:

16. They made profoundly astute observations:

17. And they were amazing cooks:

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  1. I fully support Nail Salon Lisa and her Monday Funday. Not sure how people here are reading 6 sentences about a stranger with no other info and determining she’s an alcoholic from that.

  2. #12 reminds me a a story I heard. Don’t know if it’s true or not. A man went out with his buddies and came home drunk. The next morning, he woke up and smelled bacon cooking and coffee brewing. He found a note from his wife telling him to come down for breakfast when he woke up and when he did, found a huge breakfast spread prepared by his wife. Later, he asked his son what happened the night before because he couldn’t remember and his son said “You came home drunk and when mom was trying to take off your pants to get you ready for bed you said ‘Stop it lady, I’m married.'”

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