17 Straight Up Creepy Messages You Can’t Unsee

1. Uhh…

2. Oh no.

3. Yikes.

4. Please stop.

5. Absolutely not.

6. Cringing so hard.

7. Cringing out of my body.

8. Cringing more than I can handle.


10. Dear lord.

11. Eeeeeep.

12. What is happening??

13. Oh dear.

14. Why?

15. Ugh.

16. Nope. Nope nope nope.

17. Cringing forever.

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  1. I think these people do a good job of facilitating natural selection just by being themselves. Let’s hope the non-weebs continue to prevent them from procreating haha

  2. omg this was all the guys I talked to growing up…. and my family wonders why I moved 900+ miles to get away from my hometown…. all the guys were like this…

  3. “I thought she was a nice girl, but she never responded to me in any way, or reciprocated my feelings. She was a complete birch, her woody branches too cold and stiff to show any sort of affection”

  4. Listen up, my dudes: vulnerability is like nudity. It’s not inherently bad, and it’s even necessary for intimacy. Too much, too soon, however, is intensely uncomfortable and off-putting.

  5. #4 that guy would be considered a “hobnocker” look it up if you dont believe me its a real word and it means (A hobnocker is a derogatory term describing alowlife and pervert. A hobnocker is a person who goes around slapping people with their genitalia.)

  6. *raises hand energeticly; waiting to be called upon* If the large majority of these aren’t a joke; I’ve lost faith in humanity. God, and I thought I was bad at texting! *brushes hair from face and furrows brow* Where are these people texting from, the Internet in 1999? That’s the last time I remember doing that star thing NOT as a joke LOL. *laughs and shrugs*. I’m most surprised with how common is to casually mention your IQ in a conversation. *waves* Hope everyone has a great week! *looks deep in thought again* Honestly, though, I really do think that these are jokes or whatever because why do they switch from flirting to being insanely mad literally after one message back from the person. *shrugs and waves again*

  7. Dear guys: Know that doing this will result in instant rejection from 99.99% of women. But then again if this is your thing maybe it’s a good method because on the off chance this does work, you’ve probably met your equally weird and creepy soulmate.

  8. you ever cringe so hard you just sit there and silently well up with tears because youve first, second and third handed experienced this shit all too much. because i do.

  9. I only do this kind of thing with close friends. It’s a very expressive thing when both sides reach consent. But like…don’t do it to strangers. Especially not to flirt. Actually, don’t do it to people if you’re not really, really close friends

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