18+ Adorably Chubby Animals

“Chubby toad will see you now.”

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Cat cloud

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“I’m not fat!”

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This is what you need to keep warm in the winter! Cheeks!

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“Saw this puppy on my campus… I had no coherent words.”

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When you want to be a panda:

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He’s so fluffy!

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Cats are not the only ones that love boxes.

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This cutie getting warm

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“What a magnificent potato we have!”

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Fat cat is supervising.

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Super cheeks!!! That’s all you need to look cute.

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“I’m not a toy. I’m real!”

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Sensei rabbit

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He is so proud of his family.

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When you’re wearing a new suit, but it’s not the one you wanted:

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Hippos can have cool cheeks too.

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This baby giraffe with a full mouth

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When you come back from grandma’s:

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Chubby cheeks!

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Cheeks… hoodie… hamster.

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When nobody can see your face:

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