18+ WTF Pictures & Gifs Of The Day

Mounted police officers

When you need that extra downforce

You can only get a boot on your tank in Russia. its logic.

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go…

When you really need precision to glue your work

Yeah man

This damn wrap cost £3.50



And the hits just keep on coming

Oscar in a nutshell

“Well Ok”

It just got worse.

I wish i didn’t exist

Absolutely Barbaric


A normal grocery store in Moscow

Ehmergerd! Sausages!!

Peta stands by their comments…

Just to be crystal clear…..

PETA at it again…

Thought this fitted here

Bought it for $5

I thought we’re way past wanting to f**k vampires

After having 7 triple whoopers, 16 large pizzas 24 molten lava cakes and a diet coke for a light breakfast…

This Chinese restaurants menu.

Boob without nipple is pointless. Get it?

When gaming is life

Know your Bible!

Smonday babe

The bottlecosystem

Young HTP Harold

Texas Senator quotes Mussolini for some unknown reason.

That’s a coincidence

This gem was parked next to me..

Everyone else did their job, so I graded them well in their Evals. Was I supposed to give him a pass because he was black??

Oh wow.

Here come the false rape accusations

I dont get why we just let a few greedy old billionaires ruin our future.

Excuse me what the f**k?

Inter-dimensional incident

Seriously, that image left me with questions O_o

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