Awkward Moments From The 2019 Grammys

1. A cameraman kept poking his head in during Alicia Keys’ “Song of the Year” speech:

2. There was, like, 10 seconds of awkward time where it seemed Alicia/everyone didn’t know they were still live:

3. And then it happened AGAIN later when Alicia was coming back from break and didn’t know she was live:

4. Lady Gaga had an awkward interview moment with Ryan Seacrest:

5. Cardi B’s necklace fell off during her performance:

6. And many thought she was lip synching:

7. Everyone thought Jennifer Lopez was too:

8. Meghan Trainor had some trouble getting the envelope open:

9. Offset made this face during Cardi’s performance:

10. Diana Ross’ daughter, Rhonda, was on the phone during her performance:

11. Shay from Dan + Shay had his zipper down during his performance:

12. Drake got cut off by a commercial:

13. Ariana tweeted then deleted these two tweets and everyone was like ?????

14. H.E.R. dropped something while going up to accept her award:

15. Lady Gaga’s performance ended with her staring into the camera like this for, like, 10 seconds:

16. Katy Perry showed up as a cake.

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  1. I never watch the whole thing……I just flip back and forth to try and catch some of the performances and although I’ve never heard of H.E.R. I thought she was great. I loved her song. I have to go find it now on itunes.

  2. lol We were just saying that that dress Katy Perry was wearing reminds us of those crochet dolls my grandma would make back in the day to put over for a toliet paper roll.

  3. The Grammys are always a high-light…of how shitty music has gotten, but the academy really went above and beyond this year. Half these clowns, I bet they found them at the bus station this morning.

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