Real Life Signs That Will Make You Wince And Cackle At The Same Damn Time

1. OK, first of all we have this sign posted at a pub

2. Next we have this British gem:

3. I mean, at least they told you ahead of time:

4. How awkward would this be if it was your welcome home:

5. Clearly even vets make dad jokes:

6. You know how some parents get too involved, lol:

7. Oof:

8. What is even going on here?

9. Hey! At least they give you a heads up:

10. If all Guitar Center signs were honest:

11. I’m sure all the teachers out there feel this so hard:

12. Honestly, this makes me more curious about what’s behind this gate:

13. Same, TBH:

14. Poor Jana:

15. Cloakman seems scary as fuck:

16. Sorry Canada, this isn’t an effective way of reaching Millennials:

17. And finally this true display of honesty:

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  1. Our neighbors had a garage sale. The sign said “Deadbeat Dad Sale, all must go, no reasonable offer refused! Except for you Steve, I’m keeping your damn golf clubs!”

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